Tuesday 13 March 2012

9,000 miles to go...

Stunning - adult Sandwich Tern

Tuesday 13th March comments: Just getting news that one of our Sandwich Terns has been sighted at some salt works near Swakopmund, Namibia!! The bird was seen only a few days ago having been ringed originally as a chick on Inner Farne on 25 June 2005. The bird was present in a roost of 170 birds and was discovered by Mark Boorman and reported to the BTO in the UK. The bird is currently 8,979km away from the Farnes, so it's got some travelling to do in the next few weeks!

Sandwich Terns spend the winter in West Africa and soon will be winging their way back north - this bird has some 9,000kn to cover before returning to the islands to breed this summer. This is yet another great example of the value of bird ringing and as we get more results, I'll keep you informed.

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