Saturday, 3 March 2012

On the way

Small numbers of Guillemots on clifftops (Anne Wilson)

Small numbers of Kittiwakes back (Anne Wilson)

Clean and ready to go - Inner Farne west cliff (Anne Wilson)

Brownsman cottage looking good (Anne Wilson)

Saturday 3rd March comments: The fine weather and great start to early spring continues and the Farnes has a big month ahead. March will see good numbers of seabirds return including Puffins, some birds will even be on eggs by the end of the month whilst the rangers will be back in residence mid-month.

News from the islands yesterday included small numbers of Guillemots back on the cliff ledges, Shags and Cormorants present in good numbers, Kittiwakes have returned to Farne's waters whilst Razorbill are present. Further out to sea, Gannets are moving north whilst large numbers of Auks are waiting to head back to the islands later this month. The season has started.

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Flotsam said...

It is odd to hear how the season has started there; just as it has here in the woods south of Bath. There is a different quality to the light and the birds have stepped up their song a notch. Even the owls are making a lot of noise; day and night.