Wednesday 28 March 2012

Hello boys!

The first Puffins checking out burrows (Will Scott)

first Puffins rafting (Will Scott)

My fish is bigger than yours - Guillemots return (Will Scott)

Keeping a watchful eye - Fisheries patrol (Will Scott)

Wednesday 28th March comments: The team are entering the final few days of preparation work, but what a few days - we've even 'caught the sun' - sun burnt rangers in March on the Farnes - unbelievable!!

Anyway work continues to get the islands ready and the auks have returned - both large numbers of Guillemots and Puffins returned to the islands today having been absent for a few days. Its usual behaviour at this time of the year and it won't be long before they are settled and nesting! On the wildlife front, more butterflies have emerged from winter hibernation whilst birds continue to move through the islands, especially finches including Lesser Redpoll's, Greenfinch's and Siskin's.

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