Wednesday 4 April 2012

Storm troopers

Stormy seas over Staple Sound (Will Scott)

Crashing times (Andy Denton)

You can't blame them, Eiders sheltering

Amongst the chaos Shags still on eggs

Monitoring stones being sorted ready for marking nests

Coloured monitoring stones (the right colours - red and white!)

Wednesday 4th April comments: We were closed for a second day (no surprise considering the storm of yesterday) but gradually things began to settle. The sleet and snow showers had disappeared as the sun was shining but it didn't disguise the fact it was cold - the wind chill remained low as the strong wind continued from the east.

Despite the weather, the rangers got on with business as usual, as work continues to sort the islands. Everything from new fence posts to boardwalk clearance was the order of the day, but the main job was sorting monitoring stones ready to mark the nests of Terns, Eiders and Puffins which will breed on the islands. Bird highlights were few and far between, with no sign of yesterday's Great Grey Shrike and only a handful of Thrushes present whilst a Robin is making the Chapel its home for the time being. Hopefully we will be open again tomorrow, but the wind may have its say.

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kezia said...

Hi David and Co just a note to say hello and welcome to all of you , havent had a computer for a while s trying to catch up !!! so much going on now .
I have my grandson Archie two days a week and usually get fed up with childrens programmes but at the moment MR TUMBLE is in Seahouses and out on one of Billys boats , nice one !!!!
Take care all and will comment more now xx