Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Biting the hand that feeds you...

Hands down burrows for the ranger Sam

Some of our scientific work...ringing and measuring Puffins

....but getting its own back! Ouch!

Puffin cam on Inner Farne - sitting on egg
Wednesday 5th June comments: Another day and another count completed! It's been an amazing spell of weather (apart from the odd fog patch) but it has allowed us to continue our Puffin census and cliff population counts. It's still early days (only got a few hand scars) but the counting is going well and we're turning up some interesting results.

As well as the survey, our scientific work remains strong and ringing Puffins (as well as taking vital measurements and weights) are all part of the day job. If anyone is interested in our work or Puffins, then visit the islands  as you may be pleasantly surprised. Its Puffin season time on the Farnes, so don't miss it.


Wez Smith said...

Hi guys, I know you'll all be tired by mid month due to the cliff counts but as you know, it'll be worth every moment. Lot's of us are really impressed by the burrow camera technology this year so keep up the good work and enjoy yourselves :)

wildlife lover said...

Anyone know if eggs are hatching? Drove round trip 1000 miles last weekend, only have this weekend free til mid July and wondering if I should make the trip again to photo different sights.

Lee Dingain said...

You guys do an amazing job and we loved our first ever visit to Farnes last week. Excellent blog also!

Harikesh Chauhan said...
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Harikesh Chauhan said...
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