Sunday 20 July 2014

Lift off!

On the move; Puffins heading off

End of the season for our Guillemots

Not far behind; Arctic terns getting ready to leave

Fulmars now have chicks

Friday 20th July comments: The Farnes season continues to move on and it’ll be a matter of weeks before our seabird numbers start dwindling following a very successful breeding season. Over the next few weeks, the final touches to the population counts will be made and then we can reveal exactly what has been happening this year; the good, the bad and everything in between.

In general we are heading for a cracking breeding season with lots of chicks of all species fledging from the islands. It appears a similar story is occurring at other east coast colonies which is tremendous news for our embattled seabirds. It’s been a tough few years (especially in the northern isles) and it’ll be good to report some positive news for a change.

So if you want to see our puffins, you’ll have to be quick; I’ll give it three weeks before they depart for another season…

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Are any seals about yet?