Friday 11 July 2014

Puffin Patrol

Puffin adult and chick

Scientific work on Puffins

Living under ground can be a messy place!

Weighing of a Puffin chick

Large chick having its wing measured

Ringing operations

messy work; team having a wash!

Friday 11th July comments: Although this year we are not carrying out a full Puffin census across the islands, we still continue to monitor the population on a smaller scale and indications this year suggest good numbers are nesting and more importantly, the birds are doing well.

With plenty of Sand-eels being brought in (the principal diet of Puffins) and good weather (very little rain to cause us problems) the breeding season is heading for a very successful outcome. In recent days the team have been putting hands down burrows (it’s a messy job but someone needs to do it!) and have been ringing chicks and adults as part of our scientific work. The numbers of large chicks is very encouraging and let’s keep our fingers crossed for the final few weeks, because we could be celebrating a very good seabird breeding season. Keep crossing those fingers.

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Living well with Lewy Body dementia/Parkinsons and Comorbidities said...

My wife and I were out on the Islands on Friday and had a wonderful time. This was our first visit this year, and was very enjoyable, being so close to nature, seeing these chicks so close.
Its a pity that there were so many idiots there, who did not appreciate, the fear that they impose on these lovely birds.

Well done to all of your wonderful staff