Wednesday 9 July 2014

The End is Neigh

Visitors enjoying Staple Island Puffins

Plenty of fledged Arctic Terns on the wing

Some dramatic skies of recent

Not all about birds; an impressive Garden Tiger moth

Heavy rain on Saturday took its toll (but many were saved)

Wednesday 9th July comments: The end is neigh. We are into the latter stages of the breeding season and its make or break time for all our seabirds. We are heading towards a very productive season as huge numbers of chicks are starting to fledge from Puffins to Arctic Terns.

With a little bit of luck (from Mother Nature) it will end well but we are reminded just how precious the situation is out here as on Saturday some heavy downpours resulted in the loss of several Arctic Tern chicks. It’s a thin line between life and death out here and things can turn in an instance.

However overall things are looking good and it’ll be a matter of weeks before the majority of our seabirds have departed so if you want to experience the Seabird City that is the Farnes, you’d best be quick!

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