Sunday 16 November 2014

1,000 and counting!

Hiya! A 3 week old pup, moulted; into a rare colour!

Staple Island looking very busy and full of Seals

Sleep time....

One fat pup, one skinny female

Sunday 15th November comments: It’s been a strange old week as the weather has dominated yet again and we’ve cut off for the majority of it. However by Saturday morning the wind had eased and we gained access to the Seal colonies for the first time since last weekend.

The result was pups galore as this is the peak pupping week on the Farnes and after an-all-day count (and a final count of Brownsman this morning) we had produced another 307 pups. This brings the Farnes total for this autumn to 1,137. That’s a lot of cute pups!!

As for the colonies, Staple Island has become the ‘number one’ nursery with pup totals on the main islands including;

Staple Island 359
Brownsman 258
North Wamses 183
South Wamses 308

Elsewhere it’s starting to ‘kick-off’ down the east of England (colonies further south are about five weeks behind the Farnes) with latest totals of:

Farne Islands: 1,137
Donna Nook: 813
Norfolk coast: 436

So its all go as we enter mid-November!

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