Tuesday 4 November 2014

Puppy Love

Grey Seal pup...they have the cute factor!


You ain't seen me, right!

Mum on guard...

Tuesday 4th November comments: The day’s are short, the nights are long but we’re still out here and we’ve got work to do! Yesterday the team spent the entire day on the Grey Seal colonies of the Farne Islands counting and marking all the newly born pups.

Overall a total of 252 pups were counted yesterday bringing our total to 518 born this autumn. However this is just one third of the expected total as over the next four weeks we hope to count another 1,000.

As for the team, we’ve closed the islands to the public following a very successful summer season but work and island life goes on. We’ll remain out on the Farnes until early December and we’ve got a lot to do before then…counting seal pups for starters! Planet Farnes is alive and well.

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