Thursday 22 March 2012

It's time to go

It's ranger time

Whooper Swans over the islands (Will Scott)

Bex and Will fire training

Fire practice

Thursday 22nd March comments: This is it, the wait is over. We've spent the last four days mainland bound, covering everything anyone would need for a season on the Farnes. The rangers are kitted up and ready to go and tomorrow morning we'll be sailing out of Seahouses harbour and heading back home. The rangers have just left the mainland.

Over the next week, we'll be preparing the islands for our grand opening - on 1st April - and then getting on with the business in hand. The rangers can't wait -so much so, a spot of early morning birding from the mainland revealed a herd of Whooper Swans flying north over the islands. It's time we got back and started the serious work. Farne Islands here we come and your all welcome along for the ride.


Alan Tilmouth said...

Sandwich Terns passed St. Mary's and Snab Point today, you're just getting back in time.

Unknown said...

those are pretty snazzy jackets!

Unknown said...

those are pretty snazzy jackets!