Saturday, 31 March 2012

Nearly there

Calm seas around Inner Farne

Male Wheatear on the move (Andy Denton)

Drake Mallard - one female now sitting on 14 eggs! (Andy Denton)

Boardwalk work - getting ready for visitors

St.Cuthbert's Chapel being cleaned

Saturday 31st March comments: We've been here one week and its been a stunner. The weather has been perfect (sun burnt in March - who would have thought?) and the team have worked had to prepare for our grand opening on Sunday 1st April. The seabirds have got off to a great start (Shag and Mallards already on eggs) and we've had some good migrant birds already (Marsh Harrier, Hooded Crow, Black Redstart and Med Gulls amongst others).

Yesterday we continued to finish the preparation of the island, as the boardwalks were sorted and the fence lines repaired. Birding was quiet although our second Hooded Crow of the year drifted over Inner Farne before heading west towards the mainland. So this is it. One final day of work (and some time off - the team deserve a break) and then come Sunday morning, we'll be open! Bring it on.

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Flotsam said...

Wow, you have been working hard. It is unfortunate the north wind is blowing over us now half term has arrived but I hope it does not make a dent in your visitors.