Monday, 4 June 2012

You can count on Brownsman

The Brownsman team counting Arctic Terns (David Steel) 

Watching your step (Jonathan Finch) 

Setting the ropes and transects (Sian Richards) 

Nearly there...counting almost complete 

A tired Brownsman team after a long day

Monday 4th June comments: Another big day and another day of counting. This time it was the turn of the Brownsman team as they counted the island for all ground nesting birds. As with Inner Farne the previous day, it was another early start as a full day of concentration for the rangers was required as they tiptoed their way through the colonies. 

At the end of the day, with everything counted, the team crashed out - we're having some long days out here at the moment and its taking its toll. The Farnes is one crazy place but no rest for the wicked - we've got to be up at 6am tomorrow as the cliff counts continue... BRING IT ON!!

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Jim Swalwell said...

Thanks for a great afternoon on Inner Farne on Sunday. The kids had a great time dodging the terns!