Thursday 11 July 2013

Census continues

Puffin chick with Andy

Puffin burrow being inspected

Survey continues

No gain without pain

Thursday 11th July comments: The long days continue but its all for a good cause. We’ll probably not have a summer like this again, so we may as well enjoy it!! The team have been working hard on the Puffin census in recent days and the good news is we are nearly there (much to the delight of the team; those Puffins do a lot of biting!).

The final few islands are being surveyed and we hope to have a result by late next week, so watch this space, because Farne Island Puffins will be making the headlines once again. You have been warned….

On a final note, BBC Nature are featuring a short interview with me on-line and its well worth a read:

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