Tuesday 16 July 2013

Seabirds galore

Puffin results out on Friday

Sandwich Terns galore

Another great season for Guillemots

Fulmars on the up!

Mind your head...
Tuesday 16th July comments: It’s coming to an end. The seabird breeding season is almost over as large chicks start to fledge and adults head off for winter climes. It’s been an amazing summer on the Farne Islands as the combination of good weather and great food supply has resulted in one of the best years in recent memory.

On Friday we’ll be bringing you the full results of the Puffin census, followed by full details of all the other breeding species. The team have worked incredibly hard, and soon we’ll be celebrating but do not think that that is it. We’ve got plenty more on offer as we approach August and migration will begin again. The Farnes is never dull!

On a final note: the Bridled Tern remains with us and has dropped into a regular routine. The bird is gone for long period in the morning and usually appears back onto Inner Farne early afternoon where it remains on and off daily. Plenty of visitors are still enjoying this exquisite visitor and why not, its superb.

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