Monday 8 July 2013

Summer Success

Food supply is excellent...feeding frenzies are common

Yet more stunning weather reaching the Farnes

Media interest continues..its been an impressive year.....

...whilst our research goes on

Gone but never forgotten...our Bridled Tern

Monday 8th July comments: It has been an epic season; from seabird success to media madness, the Farnes has produced, delivered and continues to delight. Last weeks excitement of the Bridled Tern eventually calmed as the bird moved south, further down into Northumberland (and it even visited Teesside for a day). The bird brought lots of appreciative birders and it will stick long in the memory for all those that witnessed it.

The breeding season is heading towards a stunning climax, as the beautiful summer weather has encouraged great breeding success. The results are very evident as thousands of Guillemot and Razorbill young have already departed the islands having successfully 'jumped' whilst Tern and Puffin chicks continue to be well fed. The amount of food availability is impressive - sightings of large 'balls' of Sand-eels are common place whilst feeding frenzies by Gulls, Gannets and all other seabirds are numerous. Its good to be a seabird on the Farne Islands this year. 

As for this week? Well we'll bring you some great timelapse from the Kate Slater Farnes Flock exhibition and some details of some fine dinning on the islands. Its never a dull moment on the Farnes, so come on, keep up!

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