Saturday, 27 July 2013

Chick 'n' mix!

A surprisingly colourful youngster! Ready to fledge!

Young Puffin chick checking our data

Young Guillemot chick with ring

Out for a Duck! Shelducks having a good year, mother and three well grown chicks. 

Fluffy and fashionable - Fulmar chicks getting big!

Hello world! A late Arctic Tern chick hatching.
Saturday 27th July comments: So they’re still here, but not for much longer!

Our seabird chicks have had a fantastic season, with lots of food and plenty of settled weather. That’s all they need!!! It really has been a sensational summer and with all the doom and gloom stories with seabirds around Britain, the Farnes are holding strong (touch wood!). The Sand Eel population is brilliant, with Puffins recorded bringing in over thirty fish at a time!!

The late start for the seabirds means there are still lots of birds around, so if you’re thinking of coming out to the Farnes to enjoy our seabirds, get yourselves out here soon!! It's an amazing place!

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