Friday 23 August 2013

A Tail of the Unexpected!

First-winter Citrine Wagtail (David Kinchin-smith)

Showing well at times (David Kinchin-smith)

On the rocks (David Kinchin-smith)
Only fourth island record

Friday 23rd August comments: At this time of year anything can happen on the Farne Islands. More often than not, it can be quiet and the peace and tranquillity has its own appeal. However if the weather (more to the point, the wind) turns to a certain direction (anything with east in it), then migrant birds can appear and descend on the islands.

Today was one of those days and an early morning round of the islands revealed a scattering of migrants, with a real highlight; a Citrine Wagtail. The bird, a rare migrant to the British Isles from Russia and beyond, was discovered on Inner Farne and remained until mid-afternoon. It was a very welcome addition for the year and represents only the fourth Farnes record following individuals in October 2003, September 2000 and September 1989.

Alongside this, a good scattering of common migrants were grounded including two Grasshopper Warblers, Reed Warbler, two Pied Flycatchers, two Redstarts and Tree Pipit amongts others. With promising forecasts, the weekend could be good and with visitor boats landing, you can come along and get involved. You'll not be disappointed! 


Project Member (DWT) said...

At least five arctic skuas passed South late afternoon on 23rd as seen from Stag Rocks - as did a couple of sooty shearwaters much further out with c.100 manx somewhere in between.
On Thursday (22nd) a (smallish) minke whale was fairly close as seen from the same spot plus at least one harbour porpoise and 200+ manx.
I see Serenity had several minkes on 20th too.

Farnes said...

Many thanks Nick, cheers for the sightings! Will add them to the database.