Sunday, 18 August 2013

On the Move

Willow Warblers on the move south

Purple Sandpipers returning from the high north

Black-tailed Godwits moving through

Dunlin feeding on Brownsman pond
Sunday 18th August comments: The month of August brings changes to the Farnes as our breeding seabirds gradually depart but are replaced by migratory birds heading south for the winter. The Farnes act as an important ‘service station’ with everything from Goldcrests to Willow Warblers taking advantage as they ‘fuel up’ on juicy caterpillars, insects and much more.

A good example was seen on the islands yesterday with almost 30 Willow Warbler, Redstart, Sedge Warbler and Blackcap all discovered taking advantage of the available food source. It’s not just passerines on the move, as waders are also filtering through from the high arctic with Black-tailed Godwits, Purple Sandpipers and Dunlin gracing the islands. Even the Bridled Tern reappeared for two days last week, so anything is possible.

As autumn migration picks up, we’ll be on hand to show people the birds that make this place special and with bird ringing demonstrations planned, it’ll be well worth a visit… 

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