Sunday 25 August 2013

Catch of the day!

Fogbound! Islands shrouded in dense fog (David Steel)
Sedge Warbler in the hand (Graeme Duncan)
Trans-Saharan traveller! Sedge Warbler head detail (Graeme Duncan)
The green machine showing it's subtle beauty (Graeme Duncan)
Heads up! The Farnes 11th Greenish Warbler (Graeme Duncan)
Ring added, will it be caught again?! (Graeme Duncan)
Icterine Warbler showing well! (David Steel)
Rosefinch still present and feeding up (Ciaran Hatsell)
Sunday 25th August comments: It’s been another foggy day on Planet Farnes, but the light winds have allowed us to do some bird ringing.

We ring birds for many reasons, from something as simple as learning how long birds live for to tracking birds on amazing migrations across the globe. Ringing has been used as a conservation tool for over 100 years now and we are still learning things every day!

Today saw good numbers of Willow Warbler caught along with a Sedge Warbler, several Rock Pipits and a Pied Flycatcher. Amongst the Willow Warblers was a very special bird, as the team approached the nets, there it was...... The Greenish Warbler!! It was very nice to see this bird a little closer and study the plumage details in the hand. The bird was carrying a little bit of fat and had a healthy weight. There is certainly plenty of food about on the islands at the moment with caterpillars creeping out of every nook and cranny and flies everywhere!

The bird, like many others, is using the islands as a fuel stop, feeding as much as it can before it heads off to wintering grounds in India. Good luck little fella!

The team also had more migrant birds coming in, with yet another surprise in the form of an Icterine Warbler found on the West Wideopens this evening. The beauty of birdwatching on the Farnes is that you never know what will turn up next! Come out and enjoy some migrants with the team as weather permitting, we’ll be doing ringing demonstrations all autumn. 

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