Monday 18 November 2013

Signed, Seal, Delivered

Peek-a-boo pup!

Welcome to the world little fella

Our female Seal with transmitter

Bull seal in the wars

Action packed Staple Island

Seal team preparing for another mission
Monday 18th November comments: Our seabirds may have long since departed and winter is now upon us, but the Farne Islands are still full of life; Grey Seal life. Following the first Seal pup born on the islands on 27th September, we’ve now had over 1,000 born and still going strong.

Our latest ventures into the colonies over the weekend revealed a total of 1,188 pups born with Staple Island dominating as the main nursery. The top four island seal nurseries are; Staple Island 405 pups, South Wamses 331 pups, Brownsman 237 pups and North Wamses 190 pups.

The ranger team still have three weeks remaining on the islands so plenty more to count. On the bird migration front, the adult Bonaparte’s Gull was seen again today alongside an adult Mediterranean Gull, whilst wintering wildfowl and a good scattering of Snow Buntings have also been the order of recent days.