Friday 1 November 2013

Star Spangled Bona

An American beauty; Bonaparte's Gull (Graeme Duncan)

Howdy (Graeme Duncan)

Bonaparte's off Inner Farne (Graeme Duncan)

Nice comparison with Black-headed Gull (Graeme Duncan)

A nice addition this year (Graeme Duncan)

Almost Tern-like in flight (Graeme Duncan)

Bonaparte's Gull, Farne Islands (Graeme Duncan)

Friday 1st November comments: In recent days, it’s been a case of so close, yet so far. An adult Bonaparte’s Gull was discovered at nearby Stag Rocks off Bamburgh in north Northumberland, tantalisingly so close to the Farnes. However unless we see it from the islands we can’t count it; rules are rules. However this afternoon, we sorted that one.

A small group of Black-headed and Common Gulls were discovered feeding off Knoxes Reef mid-afternoon as food items were being churned up by the turbulent sea. Amongst this flock an adult Mediterranean Gull was noted but then came the moment; the Bonaparte’s was there, feeding away, off Inner Farne. The bird showed well and even had the foresight to feed just off our jetties, much to the delight of the assembled ranger team.

Bonaparte’s Gulls are rare visitors to these shores from the USA and this little wander from over the pond was more than a welcome addition. It’s yet another great bird seen this year; is it going to be our best ever….you’ll have to wait and see…


Ipin said...

Fantastic shots of a great bird!

Paul said...

What a cracking year you're having! What is the year total so far, and how does it compare to past years?