Wednesday 27 November 2013

Twice as Ice

Stunning white...Iceland Gull in flight (Bex Outram)

Looking darker in dim light (Will Scott)

Away it goes (Will Scott)

Double trouble on the rocks (Bex Outram) 

Wednesday 27th November comments: Make no mistake, its winter. The temperature has plummeted over the last week or so and the mighty Cheviots in the distance are dusted with snow. Even the birdlife is now living up to the season as wintering wildfowl is very evident including a scattering of Long-tailed Ducks and Goldeneye.

However it was capped today with a splash of white-wings in the form of two Iceland Gulls and a Mediterranean Gull. Iceland Gulls breed in Greenland and small numbers winter in the UK although they have become a scarce visitor to these islands in recent years, so it was nice to see them dip feeding in the surf. The strong northerly winds in recent weeks have probably pushed them down to the Farnes and they are certainly welcome visitors! If it’s going to be cold, then bring on the winter visitors! Ivory Gull and Arctic Redpoll tomorrow please!

It’s back out on the seal colonies again tomorrow for the team as we count the newborns once again. Stay tuned for more action from Planet Farnes!

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