Monday, 4 November 2013

Pup Parade

Ahhhh.....Seal pup on Brownsman

Sniffing us out...

Pups starting to moult and ready to go!

Plenty more mums ready to give birth
Monday 4th November comments: The autumn progresses and we have now reached November. With little over five weeks to go before we leave, we still have plenty of work to do and plenty of Seals to count. Our latest count revealed a total of 466 pups with the South Wamses nursery leading the way with 176 pups followed by Staple Island 136 pups.

Over the next five weeks, we'll expect another 1,000 pups to be born on these rocky outcrops and as usual, I''' bring you all the news and views from the islands. On the bird front, it's quiet as migration tails off, although as we head for a record year (for the total number of species recorded) we hope to add one or two more species yet.

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kezia said...

The day my grandson Archie was born and the day Archie the seal was born - never forgotten