Wednesday 19 March 2014

Day Three and counting

Training week: Team hard at work

Deep in tought...rangers Lana and David

Everything you need to know about the National Trust

Male Crossbill; one of a flock of 32 seen at Gibside (David Kinchin-smith)
Wednesday 19th March comments: Three days down and we’re almost there. The team have been based at Gibside National Trust (well worth a visit!) learning and preparing for the new season ahead. Returnees and new faces amongst the team are gearing up for life on an island and they can’t wait!

With a First Aid course to complete tomorrow, the team will be ready and on Friday morning we’ll (hopefully) be sailing to the islands…weather permitting. It’s been a good start with everyone settling in well and the base at Gibside has given us the chance to catch up with some of its stunning wildlife including up to Five Dippers, 32 Crossbills and several red Kites. The Farnes season has begun!

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