Saturday 22 March 2014

Welcome home!

That's a lot of stuff to move...

...and a boat full ready to sail

Full boat and happy team

Boat lands at Inner Farne

Unloading starts

Welcome home...a Peregrine on St.Cuthbert's Chapel

herd of Whooper Swans north

Welcome home; the Pele Tower

Saturday 22nd March comments: We made it. Friday 21st March was a big day as the team moved everything from personal kit to boardwalk timber to Inner Farne to start life on the islands. The team will live and work on the Farnes for the next nine months and we had to bring everything with us as we prepare the islands for opening on 1st April.

The day was long and hard (plenty of stuff moved) but the team celebrated on the island that evening as life on Planet Farnes begins yet again. On the bird front, two herds of Whooper Swans flew north (flocks of 28 and 39) whilst a Peregrine was noted killing a Woodcock. A few seabirds were present including good numbers of Shag’s with well constructed nests.
So welcome back everyone….here we go again; are you with us?

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