Thursday 20 March 2014

St.Cuthbert's Day!


His final resting place in Durham cathedral

Thursday 20th March comments: Happy St.Cuthbert's Day! The final day of mainland training is now with us and what a day; St.Cuthbert's day. The northern Saint lived and eventually died on Inner Farne on 20th March 687 before his body was taken to various parts of the north-east of England before finally resting in Durham cathedral. St.Cuthbert was the first 'warden' of the Farne Islands as he protected the local nesting Eider ducks; hence the local name 'Cuddy Ducks'. I'll be raising a glass to the mighty Cuthbert tonight as we prepare for life on an island; tomorrow morning we move back to the Farne Islands and then the real fun begins....BRING IT ON!!!!

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