Monday 24 March 2014

Much ado about Puffin

Puffin coming in to land
Plenty on the wing today

Touch down!

In there thousands

Puffin with Shags

lingering Snow Bunting (David Roche)

Monday 24th March comments: Welcome back Puffins. Today the wind increased from the south-east but the Puffins took full advantage and landed in their thousands. For many it’s their first time on land since last August; it’s hard to believe that these hardy seabirds have been sitting on the sea since then!

Regardless there back in good numbers and its great to see! The Puffins are here, The Guillemots have returned, the Terns are heading this way – so where are you!!? We open our doors on the 1st April….we’ll see you then.

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