Monday 14 April 2014

April Anticipation

Kittiwake pairing up (Laura Shearer)

Every cliff ledge has a pair (Laura Shearer)

Stunning birds; Kittiwakes (Laura Shearer)

Monday 14th April comments: The stop-start season continues as the majority of Puffins and Guillemots have departed for the open sea although Shags remain on eggs with a few other species starting to step up their breeding behaviour.

The graceful Kittiwake's have returned to the cliff ledges in good numbers (4,000 pairs nest on the Farnes) and pair bonding and even nest building has commenced. Soon we'll be inundated with seabirds as Sandwich Tern numbers continue to increase (we've now got up to 300 in the evening roost) and those Auks will finally settle and then it will be all go! You have been warned.

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