Tuesday 1 April 2014

Fair-ground Island

Longstone with its new helter-skelter (Graeme Duncan)

Tuesday 1st April comments: It's the news we have been waiting for as the Farne Islands have been given permission to build its very own theme park. The concept is to help attract a different audience to the Farnes as thrill seekers will flock to this new attraction. Designs include a helter-skelter around the famous Longstone Lighthouse, a zip-wire from the Pele Tower into the sea and a giant slide off lighthouse cliff which will hopefully be used by visitors and seabirds alike. Work will commence later this year with the attractions opening in early 2015. 


musiclover said...

What date is it today? Lol!

JoElizabeth said...

You know the sad thing is, if this were another country like USA this would actually happen lol

Sandra Wyman said...

Though I do really love the idea of sharing the slide with the seabirds!