Saturday 19 April 2014

Easter Eggs!

Our first Ringed Plover eggs (Em Witcutt)

One proud Mother! (David Kinchin-Smith)

Love is in the air (David Kinchin-Smith)

Shags are egg-cellent parents (David Kinchin-Smith)

Saturday 19th April comments: The breeding season is well underway on the Islands and a number of our nesting birds have now laid their eggs. We had an exciting discovery yesterday as we found our first Ringed Plover eggs of the season near the jetty on Inner Farne. The adult was sitting tight on the nest but allowed us a glimpse of her four delicate eggs.

And today we had big news! Our first of almost 40,000 Puffin eggs was discovered on Inner Farnes’s central meadow. This is a few weeks earlier than last year and reflects the mild winter that the UK has experienced compared to that of last year, which really delayed the start of the season. And most importantly it arrived just in time for Easter day! Now is a great time to visit the Farnes and see all these unique Islands have to offer.  

Happy Easter from all the Farnes Team!