Monday 28 April 2014

Wryneck Re-Tern

Our 2nd Wryneck of the year (David Kinchin-Smith)

Can you see me? Wryneck showing well (David Kinchin-Smith)

First summer, male Pied Flycatcher (David Kinchin-Smith)

Gone fishing - Arctic Terns are back! (David Kinchin-Smith)
Monday 28th April comments: The easterly winds have continued for the last few days and with them have come more welcome arrivals to the Farnes. Just a matter of hours ago, our second Wryneck of the year was discovered on Brownsman, making it one for the inner group of islands and one for the outer group. The ‘cryptic critter’ didn’t really live up to its reputation and gave great views, showing well outside the cottage. Other highlights of the day have included stunning male Pied Flycatchers on both Inner Farne and Brownsman and the first record of Scaup for the year, as a drake was picked up briefly heading north earlier in the day.

As far as our breeding birds are concerned it’s been another busy day, with the first Razorbill egg of the year discovered on Staple Island. Meanwhile over on Inner Farne, tern numbers are building and Sandwich Terns have now been joined by both Arctic and Common terns. Numbers are increasing daily and with a roost count tonight of 275 Arctic and Common terns, it won’t be too long until these birds take over and start pecking heads.

So bring your hat and come and see this seabird spectacle. This is the Farnes and there’s no place like it!

Today’s totals: Scaup 1, Greenshank 1, Snipe 1, Little Tern 12, Wryneck 1, Dunnock 1, Wheatear 14, Robin 7, Redstart 2, Song Thrush 7, Blackbird 2, Blackcap 8, Whitethroat 2, Lesser Whitethroat 5, Willow Warbler 17, Chiffchaff 20, Pied Flycatcher 1, Mealy Redpoll, Brambling 3, Linnet 3 

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