Sunday 22 June 2014

A Good Tern Out!

A little bit different...Bridled Tern with Sandwich Terns

The returning Bridled Tern

A very distinctive individual!

Sunday 22nd June comments: It’s been a fabulous weekend as the fine weather continued (we’ve got a few sunburnt rangers!), the seabirds are active raising their chicks and the star of the show remains; the Bridled Tern.

The bird has been showing well all weekend although frustratingly today it disappeared just as the first visitor boats arrived and did not return until after 6pm. However generally it’s been on show and has been much admired by many of our visitors.

It’s not just the Bridled Tern which has caught the attention as the Tern chicks (Common, Arctic and Sandwich) continue to grow in strength and size and it’s pleasing to report that the food supply (the vital sand-eels) appears to be in plentiful supply at this moment.

It’s a brilliant time to visit the islands and with the addition of our rare Bridled Tern, isn’t it time you made the journey?

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