Friday 20 June 2014

'Re-tern' of an Old Friend...

Look who's back....(David Kinchin-smith)

Its a cracker!!! Bridled Tern returns (David Kinchin-smith)
Friday 20th June comments: Last year on 1st July an adult Bridled Tern arrived on Inner Farne causing birders from as far away as Kent and the south-west to jump into cars, drive overnight and admire this beauty from the Caribbean (it was the first accessible Bridled Tern in the UK since 1991 and only the 24th record for Britain).

However last week the bird (which is presumed to be the same individual) was amazingly rediscovered this year on Fair Isle off the Shetlands (by ex-Farne wardens – nice one lads!) and has been lingering for several days on the famous northern isle. However last night the bird departed….and headed south.

Today the Farnes welcomed back an old friend.

Just after midday, the adult Bridled Tern had indeed ‘re-terned’ to the place it had been originally discovered all those months ago and I suspect it may now be with us for some time yet. According to the statistics, it was last seen on Fair Isle at 5pm last night and if the bird had of departed straight away (and giving it three hours of sleep during the night) then it was flying at 17mph (in a straight line) back to the Farnes. Impressive stuff (and thanks for the stats David Parnaby of Fair Isle!).

So here we go again. The Bridled Tern is back and my advice to anyone; come and see it, it’s a stunner! Inner Farne is open daily from 13:30-17:00 and well worth a visit!

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Unknown said...

What a bird, yes I was lucky enough to be one of the first visitors to see this stunning bird this afternoon. I feel very privileged. What a great place the Farne Islands are and well done to the rangers for getting this blog up so promptly.