Monday 2 June 2014

Welcome Home

Head those Arctic Terns!

Puffins galore

and chicks are hatching!

Female Eiders settling down

.....and some have chicks

Ringed Plover hatching

Population counts begin

Rare visitor; today's Nightjar (David Kinchin-Smith)

Monday 2nd June comments: It’s been a while since we updated the blog as we’ve been full of busy and had a few minor technical difficulties along the way. However we are up and running and away again…

So what has been happening recently? Answer; a lot! The seabird breeding season is now reaching an impressive peak as young are hatching across the islands including our first Puffins chicks. Hungry mouths need feeding and foraging parents are busy finding vital Sandeels.

As well as the birds, the ranger team are full of busy as plenty of visitors are enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the Farnes whilst monitoring, ringing and much much more is taking place. The long days have really started as the team are undertaking cliff counts; population counts of all the birds. Its going to be a long month ahead…

Latest Farnes news

Puffins with chicks

Shags and Cormorants with medium chicks

Arctic, Sandwich, Common Terns all on eggs

Kittiwakes on eggs

Migrant birds have been few and far between in recent weeks although today Brownsman welcomed a Nightjar; our third in three years. These ‘Goatsuckers’ are rare visitors (only seven since the early 1950’s) but we’re going through a purple patch at this moment with Brownsman producing records in July 2012, September 2013 and today!

As ever we’ll be keeping you posted with all the Farnes news so stick with us, because here we GO!

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Peter Brash said...

Has that fermale eider adopted some mallard chicks?