Sunday 15 June 2014

Jumpin' June

Shags nesting at lighthouse cliff on Inner Farne

Not often seen; Puffin chicks

Life; Arctic Tern chick just hatching

Inner Farne looking good!

Sunday 15th June comments: The month of June is traditionally a big month in the Farne Islands calendar and it’s proving no different this year.

It’s all go for our nesting seabirds as chicks have started hatching and with hungry mouths to feed, the attentive parents are busy whirling backwards and forwards with a glut of Sand-eels. All three Auks now have chicks including our Puffins whilst Shags, Cormorants and Eiders all have young to care for. Even the Terns are now in on the act as all three; Sandwich, Arctic and Common terns have young to fend for. It’s a crucial time of year and let’s just hope our weather maintains itself as we really could do without a wet or windy summer…

It’s not just the seabirds as the team are working hard, counting all the seabird populations and monitoring several thousand nests to see exactly what is going on across the Farnes. It’s all vital work and adds to our knowledge and understanding of just what is happening to our Seabirds, good or bad. The world of the Farnes is never dull (or quiet) and as ever we’ll keep you posted.

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