Wednesday 15 October 2014

O'live and Kicking

Farnes 9th Olive-backed Pipit (David Kinchin-smith)

Keeping migrants on their toes; Merlin (David Steel)

Not a great photo but its our Grey Phalarope (in the sun!)

Wednesday 15th October comments: We’ve been waiting patiently. We’ve been waiting our turn. Over the past two days we’ve have had strong easterly winds but with very few migrant birds to show for it (and despite a good influx along the coastline further south). Today however, was our turn…

We didn’t have too much (Redwings and Blackbirds were seen in small numbers) but by mid-afternoon two Yellow-browed Warblers and our first Grey Phalarope of the autumn had brightened up our day.

This however was superseded by the arrival of an Olive-backed Pipit on Brownsman! This rare Eastern Pipit from Russia is going through a boom period as this was our seventh in just the past five years (we only recorded our first ever in 2001!). Despite its recent upturn, it was still enjoyed by the team!

Despite the rough seas, the Rangers also spotted 15 Bottle-nosed Dolphins travelling South through Staple Sound. With the weather showing signs of easing, we may get visitor boats in the next few days and our focus will be back into counting our Grey Seal pups and to start our seal tours.

Today’s Highlights: Grey Phalarope (first-winter), Pomarine Skua 4N, Olive-backed Pipit, Black Redstart and Yellow-browed Warbler (2).

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