Sunday, 19 October 2014

Seal Season begins...sort of.

Seal pup on Northern Hares (David Steel)

Cute as can be....

...but motther not very far away! (David Steel)
 Sunday 19th October comments: It’s been a strange old start to the Grey Seal pupping season on the Farnes although hopefully things will sort themselves out in the next week or two. The first pups have now been born and appear to be doing well despite the stormy conditions of last week.

However the Seal strongholds of Staple Island and South Wamses islands have yet to produce a single pup whilst even more unusual, the Northern Hares (a satellite colony which does not start until mid-November) has six! Why this should be the case is any one’s guess but with the recent storms, it may suggest that mums have been displaced. However hopefully things will get back to ‘normal’ and we’ll be alive and kicking with Seal pups across all the islands. We'll keep you posted....