Tuesday 21 October 2014

Speedy Gonzalo’s

North rocks being hammered by the sea

Not a day for sailing

Our Seal pups cling on to the shingle banks

Staple Sound looking interesting

Waves breaking looking towards Bamburgh Castle

Shags still feeding in the stormy seas

Tuesday 21st October comments: There she blows! As promised (and forecast!) the tail end of hurricane Gonzalo smashed the Farne Islands today. The wind picked up quickly overnight and by dawn, white horses were riding high across to the horizon. The hatches were battened, the boat moored safely and we let Mother Nature do her thing.

Throughout the day the wind maintained itself and it certainly wasn’t a day to be working outside! Thankfully the forecast is suggesting that the wind will ease by tomorrow morning and then we can get on with ‘normal life’ on the Farnes.

We hope to visit our Grey Seal colonies in the next few days so we’ll have a full roundup soon but our pups were safe today…but only just.

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