Tuesday 28 October 2014

Seal Tour Information

Seal tours are Go!

Tuesday comments: Seal Tour Information: The weather forecast (and sea state) for tomorrow Wednesday 29th October and Thursday 30th October suggests we will get landing boats on Staple Island (hopefully) to view the Grey Seal pups up close and personal. 

Boats will sail from Seahouses daily with allotted times of:


There are three boat companies sailing at this time (in alphabetical order)

Glad Tidings 01665 720 316 (til 3pm) or 01665 720 308 (after 3pm)

St.Cuthberts 01665 720 388 (day)

Serenity 01665 721 667 (day) or 01665 720 760 (night)

Please check availability and book direct with the companies.

As this is a special National Trust event, the cost of entry is:
Adult: £10
Children: £5

This applies to all visitors including National Trust members. Throughout the Seal Tours (which occurs on Staple Island), Inner Farne will remain open with normal opening times and prices applying (National Trust members free).

To ensure the safety of all visitors on an active Grey Seal colony (and to avoid any undue disturbance to the Grey Seals), all visitors will be escorted and given a full briefing on landing. Anyone visiting should be aware of the physical nature of the seal tours as you’ll be walking over unstable terrain and negotiating uneven ground. Sturdy footwear is therefore recommended along with warm clothing.

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