Sunday 23 November 2014

Carry On Counting!

Team on the seal pup colonies...

and count me!

Saying hello to an old friend

Forget counting..too tired.

Sunday 23rd November comments: Another busy weekend as the weather allowed us access back onto our favourite place; the Grey Seal nurseries! The team were once again active spraying, counting, weighing, and tagging all the young pups across the Farne Islands and the end result was that we’ve now got an impressive 1,366 pups.

The colonies are now action packed with Bulls fighting, young pups been born, Cow seals protecting youngsters and some pups heading off into the world of independence. The four major seal nurseries on the Farnes include: Staple 425 pups, South Wamses 353 pups, Brownsman 309 pups and North Wamses 213 pups.

Overall we’ve peaked on the Farnes although over the next four to six weeks, we’ll still have another 200 born although it appears to be a bumper year elsewhere so we’ll see what happens. The three major English Grey Seal colonies are now reporting figures of:

Farne Islands (Northumberland) 1,366
Donna Nook (Lincs) 1,220
Blakeney Point (Norfolk) 877

Onwards and upwards, more counting, more seal pups, it’s never dull….


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