Saturday 29 November 2014

Count Down

What is it? hiya its me!

Colony on the beach doing well

Farne Island Grey Seal pup

Saturday 29th November comments: The colonies are starting to show signs of slowing down as the number of pups born between visits has decreased. Some of the nurseries are starting to show big gaps as successful mothers and pups have departed for the open sea and it won’t be long before it’s all over.

The total number of pups born has reached 1,507 (about 100 up on this time last year) and the ‘pup boom’ elsewhere down the English east coast is showing no sign of relenting as tonight’s latest figures reveal;

Donna Nook: 1,541
Farne Islands 1,507
Blakeney Point 1,420

It’s an impressive number of Grey Seal pups but we haven’t stopped yet…..keep on counting!

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