Thursday 20 November 2014

Winter Wonderland

Feels like winter; winter-plumage Great Northern Diver

Water Rail caught and ringed...having been found in a cupboard

Up to three Black Guillemots now wintering

200+ Purple Sandpipers now wintering across the Farnes
Thursday 20th November comments: The Farnes is a top place of bird migration as migratory birds use the islands as a safe ‘service station’ stop, to refuel, find food and shelter and escape the majority of predators they face elsewhere. As southern bound migrants pour south, others from the north replace them as they head into the UK for the winter from Scandinavia.

The last week or so has seen plenty of birds on the move as turbulent weather systems have played havoc with migratory patterns. On Monday we counted an impressive 104 Pomarine Skuas north (second largest ever Farnes count) and 862 Little Auks alone. Since then things have quietened down although winter Thrushes continue to move with the occasional surprise like a Yellowhammer (scarce on here) discovered yesterday.

Even today more surprise discoveries were made when a Water Rail was found rummaging around our Seal cupboard; not exactly a reed bed and no surprise that it was soon caught, ringed and released unharmed soon after.

Planet Farnes is never dull even when you think it’s starting to settle down…Next stop, back onto our Grey Seal colonies…

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