Sunday 1 September 2013

All in a days work

Collecting drift wood and rubbish

The task of moving it all

Oops. Yes the tide goes out

Thankfully no damage to report

The boys keeping a close eye on bird movements
Sunday 1st September comments: Welcome to September. We’ve got a big month coming up with everything from St.Cuthbert celebrations, Grace Darling anniversaries, Pirate day and hopefully our first Grey Seal pup of the autumn.

Interestingly yesterday produced our third Greenish Warbler of the autumn; another impressive bird for our autumn collection. However with strong westerly winds blowing today, very little was seen or recorded. 

Therefore our attention turned to some important work on the islands including a major beach litter clean of the West Wideopens which included the removal of all litter from tyres to old lobster pots. This important job ensures the islands remain clear of any potential hazardous material which could affect the wildlife.

However it wasn’t the only thing which caught our attention, as a yacht managed to ground itself on ‘the bridges’ but thankfully once the tide had turned, the boat re-floated and nothing was damaged apart from a bit of pride

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