Sunday 22 September 2013

The Farrrrrrrrnes......

Welcome; Farne pirate style (Graeme Duncan)

Captain Steel keeping a watchful eye (Graeme Duncan)

The Farnes take over complete (David Steel)

David and Bexs pirates

Even skipper Bobby joining in (Laura Shearer)

FIne sunset to cmplete the day (Bex Outram)
Sunday 22nd September comments: Shiver me timbers, hoist the Jolly Rodger, the pirates are here! The Farnes team celebrated their annual ‘pirate day’ in some style as today landlubbers were greeted by the team playing the part of pirates. An enjoyable fun day was had by all and the weather even played its part, so the next time you visit, be warned, you may end up walking the plank....

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