Wednesday 18 September 2013

Foot Goose

Pink-footed Geese heading over (David Kinchin-smith)

Honk, honk...Pinkie on Inner Farne (David Kinchin-smith)

Autumn is here (Will Scott)

Stunning birds from the east (Will Scott)

Well done Great North Runners; Andy, Bex and Ciaran
Wednesday 18th September comments: It’s been a good day all round as the westerly wind eased, the sun started to shine and the sound of autumn was heard; Pink-footed Geese honking over.

These medium sized Geese are heading west to winter in the UK having been breeding in Iceland and Svalbard in the high arctic. The birds are heading south to wintering grounds in Norfolk and beyond, but are recorded flying past east coast headlands including the Farne Islands.

Today with the wind easing, large numbers started moving with 161 counted including an individual which landed on Inner Farne. The sight of these charismatic birds calling overhead really does herald the arrival of autumn on the islands. The chill in the wind certainly felt like the geese had brought it with them from the arctic, making today feel doubly autumnal!

On a different note our three rangers returned from Great North Run duty, each posting great times including Ciaran who ran the half marathon in 1hr 39mins. It was a great effort by all three and more importantly, each one raising money for good causes. Well done team Farnes.

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Paul said...

How on earth have you been able to put the miles in for practice for the GNR?! How many laps of Inner Farne make a mile?

Seriously, very well don chaps!