Friday 27 September 2013

First Seal Pup!

Hello World! First Seal pup of the autumn (David Steel)

Less than 12 hours old (David Steel)

Fighting fit and looking good (David Steel)

What are these strange creatures mum? (David Steel)
Friday 27th September comments: Hello world! This morning the first Grey Seal pup of the autumn was born on the shingle ridge of the South Wamses, opposite Brownsman. The pup will hopefully be the first of many as we had 1,603 pups born on the islands last autumn, maintaining the Farnes as England largest colony.

A quick check late afternoon revealed a healthy pup with an attentive mother, which bodes well for the youngster’s survival. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the new born over the next few weeks and making sure we’ll keep you all informed of progress. Seal season has begun.

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