Tuesday 3 September 2013

September on the Farnes

The magic of bird ringing

Rangers explaining what, why and how

Pirates! Rangers with a difference

Tuesday 3rd September comments: It’s a busy time on the Farnes, as the breeding birds have now departed we are looking at new and exciting ways to enjoy the islands. There are many events coming up, including:

Wednesday 4th Sept: ‘Fire of the North’
A unique joint venture between Natural England and the National Trust celebrates the North East’s patron Saint; St.Cuthbert. At 20:30 a fire beacon will be lit on Inner Farne in the memory of St.Cuthbert, so watch out along the coast at this special event.

Saturday 7th Sept: Grace Darling 175th anniversary
Celebrate the 175th anniversary of the most famous event to have ever occurred on the Farnes; the Grace Darling rescue. Come out and learn more about a true northern heroine.

Thursday 19th Sept: Pirate Day
Join the team as they celebrate ‘International Talk like a Pirate Day’ in their own unique way; dressed as pirates and taking no prisoners.

All September: Kate Slater Exhibition
See the Farne Islands seabirds in a very different way. The exciting exhibition in St.Cuthbert’s chapel is open to all, every day, with the ‘farnes flock’ suspended from the rafters of the chapel

Every Wednesday: Join the ranger team in looking for bird migrants around the island as they point out the finer details of those ‘little brown jobs’ which can be seen on the islands, as they use the Farnes for vital refuelling supplies.

Every Sunday: the mystery of bird migration is revealed by our trained ranger staff, as they reveal the art of bird ringing and what this brings to our understanding of bird movements.

As if this wasn’t enough, White-beaked Dolphins and Minke Whales are still being seen around Farnes waters. Oh, and the end of the month, we’ll be celebrating the birth of our first Grey Seal pup and starting seal tours. So whether you come for an event or just for a visit, it is always a great time to see Britain’s incredible wildlife on Planet Farnes.

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