Tuesday 29 October 2013

Count continues

The boys are at it....fighting as usual

One of 200+ pups

Whats all the fuss about?

Lazy days...

Feeding time for pup

The Seal colonies are filling up

Farnes rangers in action

Tuesday 29th October comments: The dust has settled after last nights viewing of 'Tales from Northumberland' featuring Robson Green on the Farnes (it was good wasn't it?). We've been back in action on the seal colonies and it's kicked off, big time.

We now have 265 pups born across four islands with Staple Island, Brownsman, South Wamses and North Wamses all boasting new born. The bull seals have arrived and fighting has already started although the main focus of the mothers is on raising healthy young ready for the big world (well the big sea at least). As we approach November, we still expect another 1,300 pups to be born, so plenty more to go. We are now in Seal season and its all go.    

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