Thursday, 12 December 2013

Final Goodbye's

The team out celebrating

Will; the best pool player in the world...possibly

Dr Chris Redfern and John Walton thanking the team

Boatmen Bill Holland (Standing) and Archie Dawson

Bes with her award (the Golden Duck awards)

Car's packed and ready to go

Goodbye to David as the team depart
Thursday 12th December comments: Following the island escape and the Ivory Gull sensation, the team celebrated the Farnes 2013 season in some style, as (more than) a few drinks were sunk on Saturday evening.

As ever a few of the local boatmen joined us, whilst the annual ‘awards’ were handed out (less said about that the better!) and the team reminisced about the season just gone. It’s been an amazing year, with lots of highs to celebrate and the team can be proud of their efforts.

Following the evenings celebrations, the team gradually surface (with a few sore heads and tired faces amongst them) and then the goodbye’s began. Gradually the team departed for their wintering grounds from as far away as Hertfordshire to Preston to Sheffield and Edinburgh. Even poor Will had a three day epic return to his native Isles of Scilly, but I’m glad to report everyone made it safe and well.

So where does that leave us? Over the forthcoming weeks, I’ll be bringing you all the highlights from the Farnes so don’t go anywhere…tune in…

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